Merchant StoreTrouble Shooting

1) Account is Locked Out.

This error message may appear on the Customer Sign In page.  This error message occurs when one of the following circumstances exists:

  1. A merchant attempts to login to the store with an account that does not exist.
  2. A merchant automatically locks his/her account with three failed login attempt.  The merchant will have to wait 30 minutes and then the account will automatically be unlocked.

2) A new account cannot be created for this Merchant ID.

This error message may occur on the Customer Sign In page when the email address entered to create a new account cannot be used to create a new account on the web site.

3) Your account cannot be created.  Please verify your account information and try again.

This error message may occur on the Customer Sign In page when the Merchant Name does not match the Merchant Name associated to the Merchant ID.   The Merchant Name must match exactly (this includes spacing, any special characters, etc.) the existing name in the site.

4) We apologize. The site is unavailable. Please check back shortly. Return to Login.

This error is a generic site error.  If a merchant receives this error, he/she should contact the Help Desk for the site.

5) Please verify that your address is correct.

This error message may occur on the Ship To Information page or the Billing Information page when the address entered the page cannot be verified as a valid address, as documented by the US Postal database.  The user should correct his/her address, as needed, and then click the Continue button to re-submit the address.  This error message can occur up to three times if the address is not correctly fixed.

6) Your credit card could not be processed.

This error message may occur on the Payment Information page when a credit card is submitted for payment and is not accepted for payment.  The merchant should check to ensure that the credit card number, expiration date and CCV information is correct.  Also, the Billing Address information must match the information for the credit card used for the transaction.

7) There was an error calculating shipping.  Please try again later.

This error message may occur on the Shipment Summary page when the system is unable to calculate shipping charges for an order.  The user should click the View Cart button and proceed through the checkout process again.  The system will most likely be able to calculate the shipping charges once the user reaches the Shipment Summary page again.

Common Questions about the web site

1) I have already created my account for the online store.  How do I login the next time I visit the site?

Proceed to the Sign In page of the site (you can set this page as a Favorite in your browser).  Under the ‘Sign In To Your Account’ section, enter your email address and password to login.

2) How do I track my order?

You will receive an order confirmation email once you place your order.  You may receive a shipment confirmation email once your order has been shipped.  The shipment confirmation email includes the tracking number for your order.  There is no order tracking information available in the store itself.  Only order history information is available online.

3) I clicked on a link from my processor’s web site to access the store.  I was brought to the Sign In page and there is information in    the Membership ID and Membership Password fields.  What do I do now?

Simply fill in the rest of the information that is on the page to Create an Account:  Merchant ID, Merchant Name, First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Password.  Then click the Create Account button.

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